About the Australian Lending Awards

Thursday 19 February, 2015

The Australian Lending Awards are the only awards dedicated exclusively to achievement within the mortgage lending industry. They will acknowledge the quality operators across the board as well as those catering to specific market segments, leading professionals and thought leaders.

The 2015 Australian Lending Awards will reveal the top lenders across the following categories:

- Best First Home Buyer Lender (mortgages)
- Best Investor Lender (mortgages)
- Best Self-Employed Lender (mortgages)
- Best Specialist Lender (mortgages)
- Best Third Party Lender (mortgages)
- Best Mutual (mortgages)
- Best Non-Bank (mortgages)
- Best Customer Experience (Satisfaction, mortgages)
- Best Customer Marketing (mortgages)
- Best Unsecured Personal Loan Lender
- Best Secured Personal Loan Lender
- Best Mortgage Aggregator
- Best SMSF Lender
- Mortgage Lender of the Year

Prior to the awards will be the Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit. The event will focus on Australian customers in comparison to their international counterparts, by observing the mortgage market internationally in a market similar to our own, highlighting fascinating comparisons, similarities and differences. We will hear key lending insights from one of Australia’s top banking executives, and experience a comprehensive panel with leading economists, identifying what the future looks like for the Australian Mortgage Market. The morning will conclude with a risk and regulatory overview, with Australia’s most influential regulatory forces.